Prosperity Bank was founded in 1983 when it bought a bank in Edna, Texas. It grew in the late 1980’s, primarily by purchasing failed banks in Texas that had been taken over by the FDIC. Today, the Houston, Texas based company operates 212 branches throughout Texas and another six branches in Oklahoma. Prosperity is the 8th largest bank in Texas in terms of assets.

For a large, full service bank, Prosperity’s credit card options are slim. They have just two consumer credits cards available: the Visa Classic and the Visa Gold. These are both rewards cards where you earn one rewards point for each $1 spent. The surprising thing is that you cannot learn the details of the rewards program unless you already have a card. Yes, it says that you can redeem points for gifts cards, airline miles, electronics, household goods, and “much, much more,” but how many points does it take? I followed all the links for more information, but still came up empty handed. So, I called the customer service number. It took ten minutes on the phone for the agent to determine that he, too, couldn’t get access to a rewards catalogue and that you could only see rewards offers if you already had a card and could log into their rewards system.

The Visa Gold card gives you a higher credit limit than the Visa Classic and provides additional benefits “such as travel and emergency assistance.” As you may have guessed, there is no information easily available as to what other benefits may come with this card or what the travel and emergency assistance benefits are.

Although also not addressed on the website, I did find out from the Prosperity customer service agent that neither card has an annual fee. The website claims that the cards have a low, fixed APR, but they don’t tell you what it is, and at this point I was too frustrated to ask.

For added inconvenience, you can only apply for a card by visiting a Prosperity Bank branch. Presumably, branch personnel will be able to at least provide you with the cards’ APR’s, and thereby, comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

Needless to say, I can’t recommend the Prosperity Bank credit cards when there are many good alternative rewards cards available where you can apply online and get some understanding of the benefits offered. Click Here for additional Rewards Credit Card offers.

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